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Your hands are critical to everything you do. Yet every year, thousands of people suffer a variety of hand injuries at work and at play. At East Northport Physical Therapy in New York, we will carefully evaluate your condition and then formulate a treatment plan that incorporates your goals for recovery.

Common Hand and Wrist Conditions We Treat

Our specially-trained therapists have delivered thousands of healing treatments to Long Islanders. Using our unique combination of positive motivation, personal attention, and evidence-based hands-on techniques, we have helped thousands achieve healthier, more active lives.

Contact East Northport Physical Therapy to explore how we can help with your hand and wrist rehab needs. You can reach us in East Northport at (631) 266-4501, in South Huntington at (631) 266-4501 ext. 225, or in Medford, New York at (631) 266-4501, or you can request an appointment online.

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